Upcoming Workshops

Hier gibt's gerade nichts zu buchen

Hi Guys,
This Rimini we are offering a full day intensive Newborn Photography Workshops covering all aspects of newborn photography.
Workshops will take place in Rimini Italy, on the 5th October at Magdalena Paszkowska Photography Studio

We insist on giving maximum attention to all participants making it as close to an individual workshops experience as possible, therefore we only work with groups of 5 photographers per day and two new babies,
That way all participants have plenty time with us for any questions they may have and to keep trying until they succeed with certain shooting angles, without too much pressure.
We are a husband and wife working together where Christopher is the technical side who will go through all technical aspects with you, he will explain in detail how things work, he'll share all light and camera settings, all our tips and tricks in detail, he will discuss light modifiers and their properties,
He will be there with each participant, first showing then helping to achieve as best results as possible, he will tell you what you should pay attention to, to get things right in camera and save time on editing.
Maria we'll present her workflow, she will discuss in detail all posing aids she's using, she will show how to pose for the certain angles as there's no universal rule, she always thinks ahead and she'll provide guidance on what really matters in posing. This is where own individual experiences meet as Christopher knows what angle he should be shooting from and she knows how to pose for that particular angle,
(she may slightly re-position the light previously set by her husband, just because wifes know better )
She will then move on to editing, she will edit 2-3 photos discussing all matters related, the editing process is pretty much the same on all photos we take to ensure consistency, so it's easily reproduced.
During the day we'll have plenty time for coverage of all other things, our marketing tips, (we don't do IPS), we'll talk about safety, choosing right colours etc.
After the shooting part of workshops there will be an hour lunch break (lunch and snacks are included in price)
Before the workshops we will create a Facebook group for all participants where they will be able to ask questions for 3 months afterwards, we will also share our editing videos.
We require all participants to be at least familiar and comfortable with Manual mode and having at least some experience in newborn photography, just so they know what questions they may have when it comes to shooting or editing,
We use Sigma 35mm f1.4 ART lens for all beanbag photos
And Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART for shots in props and with parents
In our opinion it's the best, and recommended by us set,
But if you have other equivalent lenses you're more than welcome to use them, but the results may not be the same, please note we shoot at less then f2 so please ensure your AF performance is perfect, in case of any problems we will try to help but may not have enough time for an extensive AF Calibration.

Looking forward to seeing you there

With Love
Maria and Christopher